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Journal track

Collection 2023

Papers submitted to the journal track at ECML-PKDD 2023 and accepted before 15 July 2023

Machine Learning (ML)

PAPER ID Title Authors
MACH-D-22-01138R1 A3T: Accuracy Aware Adversarial Training Enes Altinisik, Safa Messaoud, Husrev Taha Sencar, Sanjay Chawla
MACH-D-22-01125R1 NaCL: Noise-Robust Cross-Domain Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Jingzheng Li, Beihang University, Hailong Sun, Beihang University
MACH-D-22-01106R1 FairSwiRL : Fair Semi-supervised Classification with Representation Learning Shuyi Yang, Mattia Cerrato, Dino Ienco, Ruggero Gaetano Pensa, Roberto Esposito
MACH-D-23-00627 "Incremental Permutation Feature Importance (iPFI): Towards Online Explanations on Data Streams." Fabian Fumagalli, Maximilian Muschalik, Eyke Hüllermeier, Barbara Hammer
MACH-D-22-01167R1 Also for k-Means: More Data Does Not Imply Better Performance Marco Loog, Jesse Krijthe, Manuele Bicego
MACH-D-23-00079R1 WEASEL 2.0 - A Random Dilated Dictionary Transform for Fast, Accurate and Memory Constrained Time Series Classification Patrick Schäfer, Ulf Leser
MACH-D-23-00115R1 FAC-Fed: Federated adaptation for fairness and concept drift aware stream classification Maryam Badar, Wolfgang Nejdl, Marco Fisichella
MACH-D-23-00119R1 Learning domain invariant representations of heterogeneous image data Mihailo Obrenović, Thomas Lampert, Miloš Ivanović, Pierre Gançarski
MACH-D-23-00126R1 UCoDe: Unified Community Detection with Graph Convolutional Networks Atefeh Moradan, Andrew Alexander Draganov, Davide Mottin, Ira Assent
MACH-D-23-00146R1 How to be fair? A study of label and selection bias Marco Favier, Toon Calders, Sam Pinxteren, Jonathan Meyer
MACH-D-23-00107R1 Are LSTMs Good Few-Shot Learners? Mike Huisman, Thomas M. Moerland, Aske Plaat, Jan N. van Rijn
MACH-D-23-00106R1 Subspace Adaptation Prior for Few-Shot Learning Mike Huisman, Aske Plaat, Jan N. van Rijn
MACH-D-22-01149R1 Model-based trajectory stitching for improved behavioural cloning and its applications Charles Alexander Hepburn, Giovanni Montana
MACH-D-22-01131R1 No Regret Sample Selection with Noisy Labels Heon Song, Nariaki Mitsuo, Seiichi Uchida, Daiki Suehiro
MACH-D-22-01098R1 Biquality Learning: a Framework to Design Algorithms Dealing with Closed-Set Distribution Shifts Pierre Nodet, Vincent Lemaire, Alexis Bondu, Antoine Cornuéjols
MACH-D-22-01126R2 Spike2CGR: An Efficient Method For Spike Sequence Classification Using Chaos Game Representation Taslim Murad, Sarwan Ali, Imdadullah Khan, Murray Patterson
MACH-D-22-01089R1 Mirror Variational Transport: A Particle-based Algorithm for Distributional Optimization on Constrained Domain Dai Hai Nguyen, Tetsuya Sakurai
MACH-D-23-00125R1 Automotive Fault Nowcasting with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing John Pavlopoulos, Alv Romell, Jacob Curman, lof Steinert, Tony Lindgren, Markus Borg, and Korbinian Randl,
MACH-D-23-00116 Trajectory Test-Train Overlap in Next-Location Prediction Datasets Massimiliano Luca, Luca Pappalardo, Bruno Lepri, Gianni Barlacchi
MACH-D-23-00113 Targeted Adversarial Attacks on Wind Power Forecasts René Heinrich, Christoph Scholz, Stephan Vogt, Malte Lehna
MACH-D-23-00133 Efficient Generator of Mathematical Expressions for Symbolic Regression Sebastian Mežnar, Sašo Džeroski, Ljupčo Todorovski

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DAMI)

PAPER ID Title Authors
DAMI-D-22-00574R1 ROhAN: Row-Order Agnostic Null Models for Statistically-sound Knowledge Discovery Maryam Abuissa , Alexander Lee and Matteo Riondato
DAMI-D-22-00604R1 MrTF: Model Refinery for Transductive Federated Learning Xin-Chun Li, Yang Yang. De-Chuan Zhan
DAMI-D-22-00555R1 Variable screening for Lasso based on multidimensional indexing Barbara Zogala-Siudem, Szymon Jaroszewicz
DAMI-D-22-00556R1 Interplay between Topology and Edge Weights in Real-World Graphs: Concepts, Patterns, and an Algorithm Fanchen Bu, Shinhwan Kang and Kijung Shin
DAMI-D-22-00567R1 Improving Position Encoding of Transformers for Multivariate Time Series Classification Navid Mohammadi Foumani, Chang Wei Tan , Geoffrey I. Webb and Mahsa Salehi
DAMI-D-23-00103R1 TenGAN: Generating Multiplex Tensor Graphs William Shiao, Benjamin A. Miller, Kevin Chan, Paul Yu, Tina Eliassi-Rad and Evangelos E. Papalexakis
DAMI-D-23-00094R2 Datasets, Tasks, and Training Methods for Large-Scale Hypergraph Learning Sunwoo Kim , Dongjin Lee, Yul Kim, Jungho Park, Taeho Hwang and Kijung Shin
DAMI-D-23-00104R1 Column-coherent matrix decomposition Nikolaj Tatti
DAMI-D-23-00095R1 A Tale of Two Roles: Exploring Topic-specific Susceptibility and Influence in Cascade Prediction Ninghan Chen, Xihui Chen, Zhiqiang Zhong and Jun Pang
DAMI-D-23-00092R1 Improving the Core Resilience of Real-world Hypergraphs Manh Tuan Do and Kijung Shin
DAMI-D-23-00080R1 Hypercore Decomposition for Non-Fragile Hyperedges: Concepts, Algorithms, Observations, and Applications Fanchen Bu, Geon Lee and Kijung Shin
DAMI-D-22-00600R1 Z-Time: Efficient and Effective Interpretable Multivariate Time Series Classification Zed Lee, Tony Lindgren and Panagiotis Papapetrou
DAMI-D-23-00086R1 Optimal selection of benchmarking datasets for unbiased machine learning algorithm evaluation João Luiz Junho Pereira, Kate Smith-Miles, Mario Andrés Muñoz, Ana Carolina Lorena
DAMI-D-22-00580R1 Regression Tree-based Active Learning Ashna Jose, João Paulo Almeida de Mendonça. Emilie Devijver. Noël Jakse. Valérie Monbet, Roberta Poloni
DAMI-D-22-00359 Parameterizing the cost function of dynamic time warping with application to time series classification Matthieu Herrmann, Chang Wei Tan & Geoffrey I. Webb
DAMI-D-23-00101R1 Trie-NLG: Trie Context Augmentation to Improve Personalized Query Auto-Completion for Short and Unseen Prefixes Kaushal Kumar Maurya, Maunendra Sankar Desarkar, Manish Gupta and Puneet Agrawal
DAMI-D-23-00090R1 Improving Graph Neural Networks by Combining Active Learning with Self-Training Georgios Katsimpras and Georgios Paliouras
DAMI-D-23-00039R1 Improving Neural Network’s Robustness on Tabular Data with D-Layers Haiyang Xia, Nayyar Zaidi, Yishuo Zhang and Gang Li
DAMI-D-22-00595R1 MODE-Bi-GRU: Orthogonal Independent Bi-GRU Model with Multiscale Feature Extraction Wei Wang, Wenhan Ruan, and Xiangfu Meng
DAMI-D-22-00568R1 i-Align: An Interpretable Knowledge Graph Alignment Model Bayu Distiawan Trisedya, Flora D. Salim, Jeffrey Chan, Damiano Spina, Falk Scholer and Mark Sanderson
DAMI-D-22-00564R1 An Attention Matrix for Every Decision: Faithfulness-based Arbitration Among Multiple Attention-Based Interpretations of Transformers in Text Classification Nikolaos Mylonas, Ioannis Mollas and Grigorios Tsoumakas
DAMI-D-23-00105R1 Studying Bias in Visual Features through the Lens of Optimal Transport Simone Fabbrizzi, Xuan Zhao, Emmanouil Krasanakis, Symeon Papadopoulos, Eirini Ntoutsi
DAMI-D-22-00573R1 Can Local Explanation Techniques Explain Linear Additive Models? Amir Hossein Akhavan Rahnama, Judith Butepage, Pierre Geurts, Henrik Bostrom
DAMI-D-23-00082R1 Improving hyper-parameter self-tuning for data streams by adapting an evolutionary approach. Antonio R. Moya, Bruno Veloso, Joao Gama, and Sebastian Ventura
DAMI-D-22-00576R2 Traffic Forecasting on New Roads Unseen in the Training Data Using Spatial Contrastive Pre-Training  Arian Prabowo, Wei Shao, Hao Xue, Piotr Koniusz, and Flora Salim

Collection 2022

Papers submitted to the journal track at ECML-PKDD 2022 and accepted since September 2022

Machine Learning (ML)

PAPER ID Title Authors
MACH-D-22-00130 Matrix-wise L0-constrained Sparse Nonnegative Least Squares Nicolas Nadisic, Jeremy E Cohen, Arnaud Vandaele, Nicolas Gillis
MACH-D-21-00985 SLISEMAP: Supervised dimensionality reduction through local explanations Anton Björklund, Kai Puolamäki,
MACH-D-21-00987 Adversarial Examples for Extreme Multilabel Text Classification Mohammadreza Qaraei, Rohit Babbar
MACH-D-22-00132 Generalizing p-Laplacian: Spectral Hypergraph Theory and a Partitioning Algorithm. Shota Saito, Mark Herbster
MACH-D-22-00118 SVRG meets AdaGrad: Painless Variance Reduction Benjamin Dubois-Taine, Sharan Vaswani, Reza Babanezhad, Mark Schmidt, Simon Lacoste-Julien,
MACH-D-21-00989 An Accurate, Scalable and Verifiable Protocol for Federated Differentially Private Averaging Cesar Sabater, Aurelien Bellet, Jan Ramon
MACH-D-21-00994 Online Learning of Network Bottlenecks via Minimax Paths Niklas Åkerblom,Fazeleh Hoseini,Morteza Haghir Chehreghani
MACH-D-21-00996 Multi-Armed Bandits with Censored Consumption of Resources Viktor Bengs,Eyke Hüllermeier
MACH-D-22-00149 Neural Predictor-Based Automated Graph Classifier Framework BABATOUNDE MOCTARD OLOULADE, Jianliang Gao,Jiamin Chen,Raeed Al-Sabri,Tengfei Lyu
MACH-D-22-00147 Relational Data Embeddings for Feature Enrichment with Background Information Alexis Cvetkov-Iliev, Alexandre Allauzen,Gaël Varoquaux
MACH-D-22-00076 Circular-Symmetric Correlation Layer Bahar Azari,Deniz Erdoğmuş
MACH-D-21-00988 Learning Multi-Agent Coordination through Connectivity-driven Communication Emanuele Pesce, Giovanni Montana
MACH-D-21-00975 Cross-Model Consensus of Explanations and Beyond for Image Classification Models: An Empirical Study Xuhong Li, Haoyi Xiong, Siyu Huang, Shilei Ji, Dejing Dou
MACH-D-21-00790 A Family of Pairwise Multi-Marginal Optimal Transports that Define a Generalized Metric Liang Mi, Azadeh Sheikholeslami, José Bento
MACH-D-21-00786 Efficient Learning of Large Sets of Locally Optimal Classification Rules Phuong Huynh, Johannes Fürnkranz, Florian Beck
MACH-D-22-00136 Constrained regret minimization for multi-criterion multi-armed bandits Anmol Manish Kagrecha,Jayakrishnan Nair, Krishna Jagannathan,
MACH-D-21-00784 Robust Federated Learning under Statistical Heterogeneity via Hessian-Weighted Aggregation Adnan Ahmad,Wei Luo,Antonio Robles-Kelly,
MACH-D-21-00979 Correlated Product of Experts for Sparse Gaussian Process Regression Manuel Schürch,Dario Azzimonti,Alessio Benavoli,Marco Zaffalon
MACH-D-21-00984 Pruning during training by network efficacy modeling Mohit Rajpal,Yehong Zhang,Kian Hsiang Low
MACH-D-22-00133 Diverse and Consistent Multi-view Networks for Semi-supervised Regression CUONG MANH NGUYEN, Arun Raja, Le Zhang, Xun Xu, Balagopal Unnikrishnan, Mohamed Ragab, Kangkang Lu, Chuan-Sheng Foo
MACH-D-22-00145 Reducing Classifier Overconfidence Against Adversaries through Graph Algorithms Leonardo Teixeira,Brian Jalaian,Bruno Ribeiro,
MACH-D-21-00998 Data Driven Discovery of Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Nonconvex Multitask Learning Clément Lejeune, Josiane Mothe,Adil Soubki,Olivier Teste,
MACH-D-22-00127 SETAR-Tree: A Novel and Accurate Tree Algorithm for Global Time Series Forecasting Rakshitha Wathsadini Godahewa,Geoffrey I. Webb, Daniel Schmidt,Christoph Bergmeir
MACH-D-21-00980 Learning Key Steps to Attack Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents Chien-Min Yu,Ming-Hsin Chen,Hsuan-Tien Lin,
MACH-D-21-00995 A General Framework for the Practical Disintegration of PAC-Bayesian Bounds Paul Viallard, Pascal Germain, Amaury Habrard, Emilie Morvant,
MACH-D-21-00795 Scale-Preserving Automatic Concept Extraction (SPACE) Andres Felipe Posada-Moreno, Lukas Kreisköther, Tassilo Glander, Deevio GmbH, Sebastian Trimpe
MACH-D-21-00977 Robust estimation in regression and classification methods for large dimensional data Chunming Zhang, Lixing Zhu, Yanbo Shen

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DAMI)

PAPER ID Title Authors
DAMI-D-21-00656 A Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit Approach to Correlation Clustering Francesco Gullo, Domenico Mandaglio, Andrea Tagarelli
DAMI-D-21-00664 Graph Convolutional Networks for Traffic Forecasting with Missing Values Jingwei Zuo, Karine Zeitouni, Yehia Taher & Sandra Garcia-Rodriguez
DAMI-D-21-00644 ConvMOS: Climate Model Output Statistics with Deep Learning Michael Steininger, Daniel Abel, Katrin Ziegler, Anna Krause, Heiko Paeth, Andreas Hotho
DAMI-D-21-00645 Personalised Meta-path Generation for Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks Zhiqiang Zhong, Cheng-Te Li, Jun Pang
DAMI-D-21-00652 Joint Leaf-Refinement and Ensemble Pruning Through L1 Regularization Sebastian Buschjäger, Katharina Morik,
DAMI-D-21-00618 AA-Forecast: Anomaly-Aware Forecast for Extreme Events Ashkan Farhangi, Jiang Bian, Arthur Huang, Haoyi Xiong, Jun Wang, Zhishan Guo
DAMI-D-21-00673 Informative Pseudo-Labeling for Graph Neural Networks with Few Labels Yayong Li, Jie Yin & Ling Chen
DAMI-D-22-00046 Multi-view Metro Station Clustering based on Passenger Flows: A Functional Data Edged Network Community Detection Approach Chen Zhang, Baihua Zheng,,Fugee Tsung
DAMI-D-22-00053 Regularized impurity reduction: Accurate decision trees with complexity guarantees Guangyi Zhang, Aristides Gionis
DAMI-D-22-00057 Hierarchical Message-Passing Graph Neural Networks Zhiqiang Zhong, Cheng-Te Li, Jun Pang
DAMI-D-22-00061 Generalized Density Attractor Clustering for Incomplete Data Richard Leibrandt, Stephan Günnemann
DAMI-D-22-00064 Scalable Classifier-Agnostic Channel Selection for Multivariate Time Series Classification Bhaskar Dhariyal, Thach Le Nguyen, Georgiana Ifrim
DAMI-D-22-00068 Difference Embedding for Recommender Systems Peng Yi, Xiongcai Cai, Ziteng Li