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Paper ID Paper Title Authors
3 On Calibration of Mathematical Finance Models by Hypernetworks Yongxin Yang (Queen Mary University of London)*; Timothy Hospedales (Edinburgh University)
5 Pre-training Contextual Location Embeddings in Personal Trajectories via Efficient Hierarchical Location Representations Chung Park (KAIST); Taesan Kim (SKTelecom); Junui Hong (KAIST); Minsung Choi (SK Telecom); Jaegul Choo (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)*
42 OptMSM: Optimizing Multi-Scenario Modeling for Click-Through Rate Prediction Xing Tang (Tencent); Yang Qiao (Tencent); Yuwen Fu (Tencent); Fuyuan Lyu (McGill University); Dugang Liu (Shenzhen University)*; Xiuqiang He (Tencent)
48 PU GNN: Chargeback Fraud Detection in P2E MMORPGs via Graph Attention Networks with Imbalanced PU Labels Jiho Choi (Netmarble Corp.); Junghoon Park (Netmarble Corp.); Woocheol Kim (Netmarble Corp.); Jin-Hyeok Park (Netmarble Corp.); Yumin Suh (Netmarble Corp.); Minchang Sung (Netmarble Corp.)*
52 Ordinal Regression for Difficulty Prediction of StepMania Levels Billy Joe Franks (TU Kaiserslautern)*; Benjamin Dinkelmann (RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau); Marius Kloft (TU Kaiserslautern); Sophie Fellenz (RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau)
55 Continual Model-based Reinforcement Learning for Data Efficient Wireless Network Optimisation Cengis Hasan (Huawei Ireland Research Centre)*; Alexandros Agapitos (Huawei Ireland Research Centre); David Lynch (Huawei Technologies); Alberto Castagna (Huawei Ireland Research Centre); Giorgio Cruciata (Huawei Ireland Research Centre); Hao Wang (Huawei Ireland Research Centre); Aleksandar Milenovic (Huawei Ireland Research Centre)
65 Leveraging Queue Length and Attention Mechanisms for Enhanced Traffic Signal Control Optimization Liang Zhang (Lanzhou University); Shubin Xie (Lanzhou University); Jianming Deng (Lanzhou University)*
106 PICT: Precision-enhanced Road Intersection Recognition using Cycling Trajectories Wenyu Wu (East China Normal University); Wenyi Shen (East China Normal University); Jiali Mao (East China Normal University)*; Lisheng Zhao (Didi chuxing); Shaosheng Cao (DiDi Global); Aoying Zhou (East China Normal University ); Lin Zhou (Didi Chuxing)
160 PDF-VQA: A New Dataset for Real-World VQA on PDF Documents Yihao Ding (Unversity of Sydney); Siwen Luo (University of Sydney); Hyunsuk Chung (FortifyEdge); Soyeon Caren Han (University of Western Australia)*
214 An Examination of Wearable Sensors and Video Data Capture for Human Exercise Classification Ashish Singh (University College Dublin)*; Antonio Bevilacqua (University College Dublin); Timilehin B Aderinola (Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, University College Dublin); Thach Le Nguyen (Insight Centre); Darragh Whelan (Output Sports); Martin O'Reilly (Output Sports); Brian Caulfield (Insight Centre, UCD); Georgiana Ifrim (University College Dublin)
233 Deep Learning for real-time neural decoding of grasp Paolo Viviani (LINKS Foundation)*; Ilaria Gesmundo (Politecnico di Torino); Elios Ghinato (Politecnico di Torino); Andres Agudelo-Toro (German Primate Center); Chiara Vercellino (LINKS Foundation); Giacomo Vitali (LINKS Foundation); Letizia Bergamasco (LINKS Foundation); Alberto Scionti (LINKS Foundation); Marco Ghislieri (Politecnico di Torino); Valentina Agostini (Politecnico di Torino); Olivier Terzo (LINKS Foundation); Hansjörg Scherberger (German Primate Center)
253 MCTN: A Multi-Channel Temporal Network for Wearable Fall Prediction Jiawei Liu (Chongqing University); Xiaohu Li (Chongqing University); Guorui Liao (Chongqing University); Shu Wang (Southwest University); Li Liu (Chongqing University)*
283 Future Augmentation with Self-Distillation in Recommendation Chong Liu (Wechat Search Application Department, Tencent); Ruobing Xie (WeChat, Tencent); Xiaoyang Liu (OPPO); Pinzheng Wang (Soochow University); Rongqin Zheng (Tencent); Lixin Zhang (WeChat Search Application Department, Tencent); Juntao Li (Soochow University); Feng Xia (WeChat Search Application Department, Tencent); Leyu Lin (WeChat Search Application Department, Tencent)
328 Continually learning out-of-distribution spatiotemporal data for robust energy forecasting Arian Prabowo (UNSW)*; Kaixuan Chen (UNSW); Hao Xue (University of New South Wales); Subbu Sethuvenkatraman (CSIRO); Flora D. Salim (University of New South Wales)
336 Target-aware Molecular Graph Generation Cheng Tan (Zhejiang University & Westlake University)*; Zhangyang Gao (westlake university); Stan Z. Li (Westlake University)
342 Context-Aware Deep Time-Series Decomposition for Anomaly Detection in Businesses Youngeun Nam (KAIST); Patara Trirat (KAIST); Taeyoon Kim (KAIST); Youngseop Lee (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.); Jae-Gil Lee (KAIST)*
387 Double Machine Learning at Scale to Predict Causal Impact of Customer Actions Sushant More (Amazon)*; Priya Kotwal (Amazon); Sujith Chappidi (Amazon); Dinesh Mandalapu (Amazon); Chris Khawand (Amazon)
401 Counterfactual Explanations for Remote Sensing Time Series Data: an Application to Land Cover Classification Cassio F. Dantas (TETIS, INRAE, Univ Montpellier)*; Thalita F Drumond (EPF Engineering School); Diego Marcos (Inria); Dino Ienco (INRAE)
425 BCAD: An Interpretable Anomaly Transaction Detection System based on Behavior Consistency Jun Hu (AntGroup)*; Xu Min (AntGroup); Xiaolu Zhang (Ant Financial Services Group); Chilin Fu (AntGroup); Weichang Wu (AntGroup); Jun Zhou (Ant Financial)
437 FDTI: Fine-grained Deep Traffic Inference with Roadnet-enriched Graph Zhanyu Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Chumeng Liang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Guanjie Zheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)*; Hua Wei (NJIT)
451 Contrastive Learning-based Imputation-Prediction Networks for In-hospital Mortality Risk Modeling using EHRs Yuxi Liu (Flinders University)*; Zhenhao Zhang (Northwest A&F University); Shaowen Qin (Flinders University); Flora D. Salim (University of New South Wales); Antonio Jimeno Yepes (RMIT)
467 F-3DNet: Leveraging Inner Order of Point Clouds for 3D Object Detection Ying Chen (RMIT University); Rui Liu (University Technology of Sydney); Zhihui Li (University of New South Wales)*; Andy Song (RMIT University)
493 RulEth: Genetic Programming-Driven Derivation of Security Rules for Automotive Ethernet Felix Gail (Fraunhofer SIT); Roland Rieke (Independent Researcher); Florian Fenzl (Fraunhofer SIT)*
498 Constraint-Based Parameterization and Disentanglement of Aerodynamic Shapes using Deep Generative Models Asmita Bhat (Technical University of Kaiserslautern)*; Nooshin Haji-Ghassemi (RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau); Deepak Nagaraj (Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH); Sophie Fellenz (RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau)
546 Weak Supervision and Clustering-based Sample Selection for Clinical Named Entity Recognition Wei Sun (Aalto University); Shaoxiong Ji (Universtiy of Helsinki)*; Tuulia Denti (HUS); Hans Moen (Aalto University); Oleg Kerro (HUS); Antti Rannikko (HUS); Pekka Marttinen (Aalto University); Miika Koskinen (Helsinki Biobank / HUS Helsinki University Hospital)
549 Pattern Mining for Anomaly Detection in Graphs: Application to Fraud in Public Procurement Lucas Potin (Laboratoire Informatique d'Avignon)*; Rosa Figueiredo (Laboratoire Informatique d'Avignon); Vincent Labatut (Université d'Avignon); Christine Largeron (LabHC Lyon University)
593 Spatial-Temporal Graph Sandwich Transformer for Traffic Flow Forecasting Yujie Fan (Visa Research)*; Chin-Chia Michael Yeh (Visa Research); Huiyuan Chen (Visa Research); Liang Wang (Visa Research); Zhongfang Zhuang (Visa Research); Junpeng Wang (Visa Research); Xin Dai (Visa Research); Yan Zheng (Visa Research); Wei Zhang (Visa Research)
598 Data-Driven Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Energy Efficiency in Short-Sea Shipping Mohamed Abuella (Halmstad University)*; M. Amine Atoui (Halmstad University); Slawomir Nowaczyk (Halmstad University); Simon Johansson (CetaSol AB); Ethan Faghani (CetaSol AB)
604 Fairness-Aware Processing Techniques in Survival Analysis: Promoting Equitable Predictions Zhouting Zhao (Trinity College Dublin)*; Tin Lok James Ng (Trinity College Dublin)
617 Cloud Imputation for Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Imagery with Style Transfer Yifan Zhao (North Carolina State University); Xian Yang (North Carolina State University); Ranga Raju Vatsavai (North Carolina State University)*
657 Aspect-based Complaint and Cause Detection: A Multimodal Generative Framework with External Knowledge Infusion Raghav Jain (Indian Institute of Technology Patna)*; Apoorv Verma (Indian Institute of Technology Patna); Apoorva Singh (Indian Institute of Technology Patna); vivek gangwar (Indian Institute of Technology Patna); Sriparna Saha (Indian Institute of Technology Patna)
707 Rectifying Bias in Ordinal Observational Data using Unimodal Label Smoothing Stefan Haas (BMW)*; Eyke Hüllermeier (University of Munich)
710 Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Inventory Management Madhav Khirwar (Walmart)*; Karthik S Gurumoorthy (Walmart Global Tech); Ankit Ajit Jain (Walmart Global Tech); Shantala Manchenahally (Walmart Global Tech)
724 Class-Conditional Label Noise in Astroparticle Physics Mirko Bunse (TU Dortmund University)*; Lukas Pfahler (TU Dortmund)
778 Sequence-Graph Fusion Neural Network for User Mobile App Behavior Prediction Yizhuo Wang (Southern University of Science and Technology); Renhe Jiang (The University of Tokyo)*; Hangchen Liu (Southern University of Science and Technology); Du Yin (UNSW, Sydney); Xuan Song (Southern University of Science and Technology)
798 Multivariate Time-Series Anomaly Detection with Temporal Self-Supervision and Graphs: Application to Vehicle Failure Prediction Hadi Hojjati (McGill University)*; Mohammadreza Sadeghi (McGill University); Narges Armanfard (McGill University; Mila - Quebec AI Institute)
808 Comprehensive Transformer-based Model Architecture for Real-World Storm Prediction Fudong Lin (University of Louisiana at Lafayette); Xu Yuan (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)*; Yihe Zhang (University of Louisiana at Lafayette); Purushottam Sigdel (Intel Corporation); Li Chen (University of Louisiana at Lafayette); Lu Peng (Tulane University); Nian-Feng Tzeng (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
816 Advancing Fraud Detection Systems through Online Learning Tommaso Paladini (Politecnico di Milano); Martino Bernasconi de Luca (Politecnico di Milano); Michele Carminati (Politecnico di Milano)*; Mario Polino (Politecnico di Milano); Francesco Trovò (Politecnico di Milano); Stefano Zanero (Politecnico di Milano)
961 LtrGCN: Large-Scale Graph Convolutional Networks-based Learning to Rank for Web Search Yuchen Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Haoyi Xiong (Baidu, Inc.); Linghe Kong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)*; Shuaiqiang Wang (Baidu Inc.); Zeyi Sun (Mininglamp Technology); Hongyang Chen (Zhejiang Lab); Guihai Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Dawei Yin (Baidu)
1036 DegUIL: Degree-aware Graph Neural Networks for Long-tailed User Identity Linkage Meixiu Long (Sun Yat-sen University); Siyuan Chen (Sun Yat-sen University); Xin Du (Sun Yat-sen University); Jiahai Wang (Sun Yat-sen University)*
1049 Prototype-Guided Counterfactual Explanations via Variational Auto-Encoder for Recommendation Ming He (Beijing University of Technology)*; Jiwen Wang ( Beijing University of Technology); Boyang An (Beijing University of Technology); Hao Wen (Beijing University Of Technology)
1059 Ex-ThaiHate: A Generative Multi-task Framework for Sentiment and Emotion Aware Hate Speech Detection with Explanation in Thai Krishanu Maity (Indian Institute of Technology Patna); Shaubhik Bhattacharya (Indian Institute of Technology Patna); Salisa Phosit (School of Information Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand); Sawarod Kongsamlit (chool of Information Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand); Sriparna Saha (IIT Patna); Kitsuchart Pasupa (School of Information Technology, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang)*
1093 Deep Serial Number: Computational Watermark for DNN Intellectual Property Protection Ruixiang Tang (Rice University); Mengnan Du (New Jersey Institute of Technology); Xia Hu (Rice University)*
1096 A Baseline Generative Probabilistic Model for Weakly Supervised Learning Georgios Papadopoulos (JPMorgan Chase & Co.)*; Fran Silavong (JP Morgan Chase & Co); Sean Moran (JP Morgan Chase & Co)
1117 Graph-Enhanced Multi-Activity Knowledge Tracing Siqian Zhao (University at Albany, SUNY)*; Shaghayegh Sahebi (University at Albany - SUNY)
1179 Predictive Maintenance, Adversarial Autoencoders and Explainability Miguel E. P. Silva (INESC-TEC)*; Bruno Veloso (University of Porto); João Gama (University of Porto)
1193 Knowledge Distillation with Graph Neural Networks for Epileptic Seizure Detection Qinyue Zheng (EPFL); Arun Venkitaraman (EPFL )*; Simona Petravic (KTH); Pascal Frossard (EPFL)
1221 How Early can we Detect? Detecting Misinformation on Social Media Using User Profiling and Network Characteristics Shreya Ghosh (Pennsylvania State University)*; Prasenjit Mitra (Pennsylvania State University)
1243 TDCM: Transport Destination Calibrating based on Multi-task Learning Tao Wu (East China Normal University); Kaixuan Zhu (East China Normal University); Jiali Mao (East China Normal University)*; Miaomiao Yang (East China Normal University); Aoying Zhou (East China Normal University )
1257 Explaining Full-disk Deep Learning Model for Solar Flare Prediction using Attribution Methods Chetraj Pandey (Georgia State University)*; Rafal Angryk (Georgia State University); Berkay Aydin (Georgia State University);
1266 Deep Spatiotemporal Clustering: A Temporal Clustering Approach for Multi-dimensional Climate Data Omar Faruque (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Francis Ndikum Nji (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Mostafa Cham (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Rohan Mandar Salvi (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Xue Zheng (Climate Sciences Group, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA); Jianwu Wang (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)*
1282 PCDF: A Parallel-Computing Distributed Framework for Sponsored Search Advertising Serving Han Xu (*; Hao Qi (; Yaokun Wang (; Pei Wang (; Guowei Zhang (; Congcong Liu (; Junsheng Jin (; Xiwei Zhao (; Zhangang Lin (; Jinghe Hu (; Jingping Shao (
1285 Circle Attention: Forecasting Network Traffic by Learning Interpretable Spatial Relationships from Intersecting Circles Espen Haugsdal (Norwegian University of Science and Technology )*; Sara Malacarne (Telenor ASA); Massimiliano Ruocco (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
1319 A Vlogger-augmented Graph Neural Network Model for Micro-video Recommendation Weijiang Lai (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science); Beihong Jin (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences)*; Beibei Li (College of Computer, Chongqing University); Yiyuan Zheng (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences); Rui Zhao (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)
1322 Boosting the performance of Deployable Timestamped Directed GNNs via Time-Relaxed Sampling Arihant Jain (Amazon)*; Gundeep Arora (Amazon Science); Anoop Saladi (Amazon)
1354 DyCOD - Determining Cash on Delivery Limits for Real-time E-commerce Transactions via Constrained Optimisation Modelling Akash Deep (Swiggy)*; Sri Charan Kattamuru (Swiggy); Meghana Negi (Swiggy); Jose Mathew (Swiggy); Jairaj Sathyanarayana (Swiggy)
1378 BeeTLe: A Framework for Linear B-Cell Epitope Prediction and Classification Xiao Yuan (Georgia Institute of Technology)*
1384 Semi-Supervised Social Bot Detection with Initial Residual Relation Attention Networks Ming Zhou (Tsinghua University); Wenzheng Feng (Tsinghua University); Yifan Zhu (Tsinghua University); Dan Zhang (Tsinghua University); Yuxiao Dong (Tsinghua); Jie Tang (Tsinghua University)*